Bible Reading Challenge

This fall season, we are giving the opportunity to read the Bible every day for six weeks! By doing so, we know God will speak to us in a fresh way as we seek Him through the Word of God. 
The challenge is easy! Simply read your Bible every day and record what you have read.  It can be a verse, a chapter, or any length of Scripture. The goal is to read the Bible. There is a document you can print out to keep a record of your reading. (We have provided all six weeks.) 
Fill in the appropriate days with your passages read. At the end of each week, come to church and fill out one ticket with your name on it for each day you read that week. If you prayed for the “3 C’s” (Country, Community, Church) you get a bonus of 3 extra tickets. You can earn up to 10 tickets per week! But don’t worry, even if you only read one time, we still want you to fill out that one ticket. Each time you do, we are confident you’ll read more the next week. 
Jump in on the challenge at any time or any week. Get creative and have fun! You can read with a friend on the phone or outside alone in the fall sunshine and enjoy the reading challenge. 
To make it just a little more fun, at the end of the six weeks, we will draw a name for an Amazon gift card as a fun blessing for holiday shopping! (Please go to and choose Westchester Family Church as your charitable giving organization.)
Let’s stay full of God’s Word this fall!